Switching Tabs in a browser is quite annoying for me, when i had open at least more than 10. Using mouse while on Laptop to switch tabs is just not good, using keyboard is slow and using touchpad is stupid, the only thing left is if your Laptop is touch screen it will at least give you a bit ease in this matter. But there is solution to every problem and in this case there is one.


If you are using Firefox, then there is an extension called Tabflip, installing it will let you switch tabs more easily. Just press the Right Click and move your Mouse horizontally. Flicking to the right will switch the right tab and flicking it to left will switch the tab to left. Even if you are using a Touch-Pad while running Windows you can perform it quite gently, but it will be rather difficult on a Mac Book Pro.

But you can use a mouse on a Mac to perform such action but the right-click pop-up menu will tease the hell out of you, while on Touch-Pad, you won’t have such luck from both sides. On Windows, there will be no pop-up menu when you press the right-click.


There are some settings you must do before starting, First check the box for Wrap settings so you won’t hit a dead-end, instead like infinite scrolling you move back to first tab of you switched from the last one. The Scroll flipping settings allows you to perform two-fingered touch to scroll between tabs, if you are using a touch screen.Last but non least, if you think that the extension is too sensitive, you can change the number of pixels a flick must cover to register a command.