Now as I’m a regular gamer, if I don’t play games for almost two hours straight, I’m unable to sleep. Since I use a Laptop for gaming, one thing that always bugs me is that I have to get close to it for playing games and at times don’t even get a good spot or posture to play games, most of the times my Legs on which the Laptop is placed gets tired and I have to keep rotating the strike around both the Legs. Now, for an Android device owner, it is easy to use his device as a Joystick to play games from a fair distance, or the least play it comfortably.

Legacy Controller for iPhone does the Job, you can easily configure the app and play games wirelessly on the PC. The same method will work for both PC and Mac, but there aren’t much games available for Mac, so let’s keep it towards windows Only and also, this thing might not suit many Shooting Games but for racing games this is the best thing you need. The app is totally free and works flawlessly.


How To Configure and Use Joypad Legacy Controller:


  • First of all Download and Install the App on both iPhone and Windows.
  • Launch it on Computer First and let it initialize.
  • Now let’s configure the Windows App first, this app will not install any sort of drivers on Computer, but act as a Remote for your Keyboard.
  • Click the New Configuring button and Configure the Button Mapped for your Game, for example, for NFS you need Up, Down, Left, Right for Steering and stuff Space or Shift for NOS, so choose the buttons accordingly.
  • Now launch the app on iPhone and let it connect to PC automatically, if it doesn’t work, try connecting it manually or make sure the Wi-Fi connect is strong, or make a Virtual Hotspot on your device for optimum performance.
  • Once the devices are connected, launch the game on PC and play it using your iPhone.
  • You can even change the display of your Joypad if you want.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 04.38.26

  • If you have more than one iOS device, you can configure the app for more than one player. Click on File Menu on Desktop app and Select New Player.
  • Enjoy!


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