Google Maps is the best Maps application available on any embedded platform, and with the help of 3G/4G connectivity, Google Maps can be a great service if you want to explore the world around you, I myself found a lot of places with the Help of Google Maps, especially when it comes to searching for Institutes, not all of them can be found easily. However, if there is an option of Saving the maps and using them Offline, cause connectivity is not available all the time, will be the best thing in any Maps application.

There are many applications available on App Stores, which provides the feature of  accessing Maps Offline, but what offers in Google Maps is the best. I mean Street View is available, and the places are being updated ever since the beginning. In the recent update of Google Maps app for both Android and iOS, they have given the option of search the maps and save them afterwards. How let’s find out.


 How To Save Maps in Google Maps:

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Search for Any Location.
  3. While you tap the Search bar, you will see your history.
  4. At the very end you will see, Either “Make this map area available offline” or “Save map to use offline”


You can Even Filter the Search, searching only Four Star Review restaurants will give you better places. In the update, Maps will tell you the timing, when the restaurants will be open and when it will close. Phone Number and Website is already included there, in previous versions too. Moreover, you can see the timing of the Entire week, by tapping More Info.

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