Few months back Facebook introduced a hidden Basket Ball game in its Messenger app. Facebook just added another game to the Messenger today. A new Soccer game has made its way to the Messenger. Soccer in the Messenger is hidden just like the Basket Ball game. So, if you don’t have much to talk with your friends, you can now give them a Soccer challenge and check out who’s best at it.

The Soccer gameplay is much difficult and challenging as compare to the Basket Ball game. The Soccer game requires you to juggle the Soccer ball by tapping the ball. The ball shouldn’t fall down or else the game will be over. You’ve to juggle it as long as you can. One tap counts as 1 point and adds to your soccer. The more taps you make to juggle the ball without making it fall down, the more score you’re going to put on the scoreboard. The ball shoots so fast that it’s really difficult to put a high score in the start. You need to practice pretty hard to master this game. Soccer in Facebook Messenger turns out to be much more addictive as compared to the Basket Ball. Head towards the instructions to begin playing Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Soccer Game.

Here’s How to Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Soccer Game

  1. Download and Install Facebook Messenger on your Android phone or iPhone if y0u don’t have it already: Messenger in Play Store | Messenger in App Store.
  2. If you have an old version of Messenger installed, you need to update it first.
  3. Now open Messenger and open any chat in the Facebook Messenger.
  4. Now tap the “Emoji” button and tap the 4th Emoji which is a soccer, it will bring up the sports Emojis.
  5. Now tap the very first Emoji which is a Soccer ball, or simply copy it from here:

     and paste it in your Messenger.

  6. Once the Soccer Ball has been sent in the chat, tap the ball and it will start the Soccer. That’s all.

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