How To Block Numbers In Viber.

//How To Block Numbers In Viber.

How To Block Numbers In Viber.

Using Viber is quite amazing, you don’t have to use your Message package to keep updated with your friends while texting. Viber allows you to send and receive Messages like a normal app, but here you need Network connectivity to send and receive messages, it even allows you to call your friends over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity. There are millions of users of this app but no one knows how to block Number in Viber.This condition can arise due to any reason, either you don’t want to talk to someone or you just know that they will not behave proper with you once you receive their call.


Millions of users are demanding this feature but still there is no Response form the Developers. So, unfortunately there is no Official way that you can block someone number in Viber. The reason is simple,Since it imports contacts from the PhoneBook and all those who use Viber are automatically seen in the Viber contacts,so there is no way you can stop that number Just Like That. But recently Users have complained that they are receiving Calls from Unknown Numbers, well there is a way to stop that.

Since Viber Developers are not giving any Answers on how to block the number, we will tell you another way to block it. Blocking mode can help you, but it will block all the unknown numbers, sometimes your friends or important Relative tries your number form a new one, at that time you will regret it. So, how to block the Unknown Number then?

Here is another Solution, Open Contacts or Call Logs. Tap and Hold onto the Number, and then select Delete or block this Number. That is the only way you can Block someone form Contacting you. This Method will work on both Android and iOS.

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