How To Install Yalp Store On Android

Yalp Store is kind of a Google Play Store alternative. When Google Play Store is installed on a smartphone, it runs with the help of Google Play Services. Google Play Services come with their own framework installed in a phone in order to work properly. Google Apps can siginificantly slow down the performance of an Android phone. If you have ever had an experience of installing custom ROMs, you must have noted that custom ROMs often come without Google Apps. That is because users do not want bloated ROMs. They want to have the freedom of choosing what applications should be there in the operating system. Yalp Store is something for such users. It doesn’t need any services to run on. It’s a very simple, light application that can give you the Google Play Store like experience without a heavy framework installed on your phone.

Yalp is available on F-Droid. F-Droid is the largest open-source application platform for Android. At F-Droid, you can find some really handy applications that never made it to a popular platform like the Play Store. Yalp is one of them. It’s a hidden gem indeed. Apart from allowing the users to install all the applications, it also manages updates. The home-screen of Yalp shows you all the applications that you have currently installed. The categories screen will show you a list of all the categories through which you can navigate to your desired application or game. Yalp has a very simple, easy to understand UI. It shows the maximum amount of information in the list of applications so that you don’t have to tap each application to view its details.

So, why would you want to get Yalp when Play Store can do a fine job? Well, the question is already answered in the first paragraph, but we can have a detailed look at it. Yalp is basically for those who want to keep the things simple. Android enthusiasts, who want to keep their phone’s performance maximum, can uninstall all the Google Apps and choose to go with a store like Yalp. Also, if you install a custom ROM on your phone, and you do not want to flash the Gapps package, you can install the Yalp Store instead. There is absolutely no need to go with a heavy GApps package to sort out the applications problem. At times, the Google Play Store faces connection issues. If such issues are intermittent in your region, you can pick up Yalp as an alternative. There are some applications that you will not find on the Play Store, but you will find them on Yalp. Another great aspect of Yalp Store is that it’s an open source project and it’s consistently being improved.

And let’s not forget the most important feature of Yalp. Whenever you install an application using Yalp, it accesses the Play Store to download the APK file of that application. The APK file is stored in a download folder in the internal or external storage of your phone. Once Yalp has downloaded the APK file, it asks you to install it. You simply tap the install button in the Yalp Store and it will do the job. It means if you ever accidentally delete an application from your phone, you can still have its APK file to install it next time without downloading it again. If the Android phone is rooted, Yalp can update the applications in the background without putting a huge impact on the current processes of the phone. On a rooted phone, Yalp can use to install or uninstall the applications in the background as well. For the background usage, you can install Yalp as a system application.

Now that you have learnt all about Yalp, it’s time for me to show you how you can install it. Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining how to install Yalp Store on Android.

Installing Yalp through F-Droid

  1. Download and install F-Droid on your phone.
  2. Open F-Droid now.
  3. Tap the Search button in F-Droid
  4. Type “Yalp” and search.
  5. You will find Yalp Store, tap to install it.
  6. Once installed, it will appear in the App Drawer.

Installing Yalp using Yalp APK

  1. Download Yalp Store APK and copy it to your phone.
  2. On your phone, go to settings > lock screen & security > unknown sources > allow.
  3. Now locate the Yalp Store APK and open it to start the installation.
  4. Proceed with the on-screen instructions to install Yalp Store.
  5. Once done, it will appear in the app drawer.

Now that you have opened Yalp Store, you will find your installed applications on the home screen. You can tap the menu button on the top-right to access rest of the options. The categories option will take you to the directory of applications. From the categories, you can install the applications. It has all the applications that are available at the moment in the Play Store.

That’s all for now. In case you have got something that can help this guide further, drop that in the comment box below. If you have any queries, feel free to reach me out.


Install Stock Sony Xperia Apps on Any Android Device [ APK]

Here’s how you can Install Stock Sony Xperia Apps on Any Android Device. Enjoy the Xperia Music Player, Albums, Video Player etc.

If you are a fan of Sony Xperia series and now you have switched to another brand. But still, you miss Sony Stock apps and want to install them on your current Android device. Now you can, Thanks to XDA developers [ omikron20 ] we can Install the all of these apps without rooting our device. Moreover, you can follow the thread and whenever a new update is rolled out for the apps, you’ll get the updated APK there.

Read more: How to Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia Devices [Guide] – * Updated*

Back in the time, When we want to install the Sony Xperia Stocks, we have to root our device. Not anymore, omikron20 has ported out all of Sony stock apps. All you have to do is download the APK and install it as you normally do. Since you are not rooting your device or flashing anything. You might lose few things such as no Audio Settings for the Music app. Album app might fail to read images from your external storage.

Let’s get started, below are the links to all the Sony Stock Apps APK’s. Just download and Install them on any Android device. Samsung, Huawei and MIUI users won’t be having a smooth drive while using these apps.

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Install Stock Sony Xperia Apps on Any Android Device

Stock Sony Xperia Apps on Any Android Device:

First, let me tell you how you can Install Stock Sony Xperia Apps APK on Android. You can use this method for all the Apps.

How to Install Stock Sony Xperia Apps on Any Android Device [ APK]:

  1. Download APK.
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tap radio button to allow.
  4. Now using a File Manager, locate and open Sony Stock App APK.
  5. Proceed with the on-screen instructions to finish Sony Stock App APK installation.
  6. Once done, launch the app from the app drawer.

Download Sony Music App:

Download Sony Music App

Sony Xperia Album:






Weather App:

Movie Creator:

Clock App:

Email App:

Photo Editor:

Live Wallpaper “Loop”:

Source: XDA


Play Pokemon GO without moving in Android (No Root)

Pokemon Go took over the web like a storm and there is no stopping to it, now we all know in order to catch Pokemon you have to move a lot. What if you can play and catch Pokemon without moving. When you are using Android, you got many privileges and one of them is that you can use different mods while playing any game.

There are many Pokemon Go hacks surfacing the web created by various players who have tried different ways to beat the system. You can get your hands on different Pokemon Go Hacks for all mobile platforms. Now the one we’re gonna discuss today is for Non-Rooted devices. Keep that in mind Rooted Pokemon Go hack has more features then Non-rooted Hack.

If you are an average Android use the Non-Rooted Pokemon Go hack is best for you, because if you want to go with Root Pokemon GO Android hack then you’ll be required custom recovery and more. This method will work on any Android device, all you have to do is follow each step as mentioned below. Let’s start the method to Play Pokemon GO without moving in Android.

Pokemon Go Hack


Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free+

The app was not found in the store. ?

Setup Pokemon GO GPS hack in Android (No Root):

Step 1. First, Download and install both Apps mentioned above.

Step 2. Open Settings->About Phone >activate Developer. [ Tap build number 7 times.]

Step 3. Head back to settings>Developer options. Now locate “Select mock location app” & select Fake GPS JoyStick (Earlier FlyGPS).

Step 4. Now head back to settings>Location & set GPS mode to High accuracy.

Step 5. Go back to home screen, launch Fake GPS app (Fly GPS) & now choose any location you want. All you have to do is click on the desired location and tap on map icon.

Step 6. When you click on the map icon, you’ll see a green icon on the map. Tap on Start.

Step 7. Head back to the app drawer, launch Pokemon Go and at the top, of the screen you’ll see Joystick move around.

This method is working 100% and after even the new update. If you face “GPS signal not found” issue while playing, Click here.  Here is a free tip, don’t jump or run to fast while checking the app, keep it low you don’t want to get ban.


How to Reduce Video Size on Android Devices


Smartphones have immensely revolutionized the consumer electronics world and there is absolutely nothing that stops its growth. In the past 10 years, there is huge growth in the number of smartphone users, thanks to competitive market which is thriving to deliver powerful smartphones at affordable price tag. With the rapidly increasing technological advancements, the smartphones are now featuring powerful hardware which we thought was impossible and unnecessary a few years back.

The camera is one of the main aspects that has improved in the past few years. Starting from a mere VGA camera, we now have high-quality camera lens integrated into the smartphones which will even put DSLRs to shame in favorable conditions. However, there is a minor disadvantage with the video size of these cameras. We know that everyone love to shoot an HD video on their smartphones but sharing them over social media is a bit of a problem.

For instance, WhatsApp has an upper limit of 16MB for sharing video files but a single minute of HD video weighs over 100MB sometimes. I have faced error while sharing these huge files over IM chats or social media and I am too lazy to switch on my PC to compress the video. So, after installing a hell lot of video converting apps, I have found a perfect app which does the job. However, I should warn you that it isn’t as great as those powerful programs on PC but it will do just well for a smartphone screen.

So, first of all, install the Video Converter Android

app from Google Play Store. The app comes in both Lite and Pro versions and the advantage of having the Pro version is to access all HD settings, premium profiles and removing ADs. So, it’s up to you on choosing between the Lite and Pro versions but we suggest you to start with the Lite version first and then decide. So, let’s see how to convert the HD video to a portable size.

How to Reduce Video Size on Android Devices

  1. Launch the Video Converter app on your Android device and install the Codecs if prompted.
  2. Select the video from the in-built gallery or choose it from the file manager.
  3. After you select the video, click on the Convert icon located at the bottom of the video preview.
  4. Select the Manual profile to manually set the video resolution, bitrate and FPS of the video. You can set them on a trail and error method to get the output video according to your requirements.
  5. Initially, try with the minimal settings of 176×144 resolution, bitrate as 800 and FPS as 23.98. Then increase the quality as per your requirements and choose the best output that fits your needs.
  6. Once the options are set, click on the Convert icon at the top and wait until the video is compressed and converted as per your settings.

It took me approximately 5 minutes for a 430MB video file to convert into an output size of 44.2MB. Well, that’s cool considering you’re converting the video on a smartphone. Fiddle with the app a little and you’ll get the perfect hang of it soon.


How To Use Flashify To Install Custom Recovery, Kernel [.img/.zip files]

If you ever came across modifying your Android device, you must have heard of the term flashing, and most probably, you must have heard of .img and .zip files. Loading anything on your Android device using .img or .zip files or any other tool is commonly known as flashing, and the .img files let you load several files including a custom recovery, a kernel, sometimes system, userdata and other such img files, while the .zip files let you load custom ROMs, mods and at times kernels as well. The working of both, the .img and the .zip files meets at some points, but is quite different from each other at several points as well. If you’ve had an experience with flashing anything on your Android device, you must have come across the use of a custom recovery or ADB & Fastboot drivers, the two commonly known methods that pave way for all the customization on your Android device, but at times you are unable to use Android ADB & Fastboot drivers, either they don’t let you load the file, or the drivers might not be supporting your Android device, and at times you don’t have a recovery to load the custom images, .zip files on your Android device. In this case, you need an alternative, that happens to be pretty easy.

As off now, there are several applications that serve this purpose on Android, and Flashify happens to be the best among those several applications. Flashify lets you install custom recoveries, kernels and even ROMs or Mods using .img and .zip file. The application has a simple and easy to use interface, all it requires is the root access and you’re done. Besides flashing the boot.img and recovery.img files, Flashify also allows you to backup and restore your current recovery, current kernel, Nandroid, cache and similarly it allows you to restore all these as well. Using Flsahify, you can also wipe your cache, dalvik cache and perform a complete wipe. One of the cool features this application got is, it allows you to perform multiple operations e.g. flash multiple files at the same time and create a que to keep record of your flashed files. The Reboot options in flashify allow you to reboot your device straight into the recovery mode, or in the bootloader depending upon your choice.

Now this becomes a great tool for the users who want to avoid the use of a custom recovery or who do not have a custom recovery for their device but have root access for their device. There are several one-click tools that let you root your device without any hiccups here and there, so just in case you’re looking for an application to meet your root access and unleash the true power of your Android device by performing the functions of a custom recovery, Flashify is waiting for you in the Play Store for free.

Let’s have a look on the features of this application and then have a look on how to use it.

Flashify Features
1 – Flash boot and recovery .img without even needing to go to recovery.
2 – Flash zip files. Option to wipe cache, dalvik and data when using TWRP or Philz recovery.
3 – Download and flash CWM, Philz, TWRP, Gapps, Franco Kernel, Stock Nexus Kernel (premium), and Stock Nexus Recovery (premium).
4 – Automatic Loki Patch when needed.
5 – Full nandroid backups/restores when using TWRP or Philz recovery.
6 – Backup/Restore kernel and recovery using Sdcard or cloud (Dropbox, Box (premium) or Google Drive (premium)).
7 – Automatic cloud synchronization of backups between devices and desktops.
8 – Keep track of recently flashed items.
9 – Flash multiple files and build your flash queue.

How To Use Flashify To Install Custom Recovery, Kernel [.img/.zip files]

To flash the .img or .zip files, you must have it downloaded from your concerned development site / forum. The .img and .zip files are uploaded by developers by various sources. In the following guide we won’t be providing you any files to be flashed, we will only tell you how you can use this application.

  1. Your device must be rooted. You may look out for a root guide here.
  2. Now download and install Flashify. Google Play Link | Flashify APK
  3. Once installed, access the application through app drawer.
  4. Allow root access now and get navigate to Flashify’s home screen.
  5. Now you may tap the .img or .zip button and locate the file you want to flash.
  6. In the Backup menu, you can backup Nandroid and all other available stuff.
  7. In the Menu (on the top right corner) you can reboot your device in your desired mode or you can access the settings.
  8. By tapping the + button on the top, you can make a flashing que to flash multiple images / zip files.
  9. Rest can be done by following the on-screen instructions.
  10. That’s all with the use of Flashify.



10805167_10204602289909852_1593628197_n 10807805_10204602290389864_120717692_n

The free version of Flashify allows you to flash 3 files a day. In case you want to unlock unlimited flashing, you may purchase the premium version.


How To Use Snapchat: A Complete Common Questions Answered [ Guide ]

Social media is the biggest entertainment now a days there are more then 600 social media platform, but not all get the fame like snapchat, KIK, Instagram and We Chat. Today i’ll be discussing How To Use Snapchat common questions that  every body wants to know, Snapchat is the conversation portal and unique thing is about Snapchat is that you can chat with pictures and videos. ” Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend. They’ll view it, laugh, and then the Snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot! “

Use Snapchat

Snapchat Common Questions/ Answers:

Q: How to delete someone on “Snapchatters who added me” list?

A: Goto Friends->Select name-> Swipe left to delete from the list.

Q: How To delete a best friend in Snapchat?

A: There is not a usual method to delete the  a best friend in Snapchat, but there is simple trick to delete a best friend. All you have to do is start snap with a other friend as much as you can, by doing this new friend will on the top of the list and also your new best friend. Now you can delete the EX. best friend.

Q: How do you add a friend in Snapchat?

A: Snapchat->click on the setting icon->Find Friends ( last tab )->Type in name to add.

Q: How do you add a  best friend in Snapchat?

A: There is no such settings for this, best friend is added automatically.

Q: Is Snapchat available on Android?

A: Yes Snapchat is on Android,

Q: How to add text to Snapchat photo?

A: Take a Snap, tap on and  text window will pop.

Q: How to set Snapchat seconds displayed?

A: Take a photo->tap on circle icon->menu->Choose anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds.

Q: Can you check your Snapchat online?

A: There is no official site for it, but you can use Snapchat on pc by using bluestacks.

Q: Can Android and iPhone Snapchat videos?

A: Yes you can, Just tap and hold on the circle Button for 9 seconds.

Q: How to search a username on Snapchat?

A: Snapchat->Settings->Friends->My Friends-> Scroll up->menu.

Q: How to accept friends on Snapchat?

A: Tap on Notification->Tap on friends request->accept.

Q: Can Android Snapchat with an iPhone?

A: Yes you can Android snapchat with an iPhone. The Snapchat app is same for both devices.

Q: How to view Snapchat profile?

A: Open Snapchat->My Friends->Tap on Friends Name->Friends Profile.

Q: Can you view sent Snapchats?

A: No there is no such method, unless you have taken screen shots.

Q: App similar to Snapchat?

A: Wink and Slingshot are similar apps.

Q: How to delete your Snapchat username or profile?

A: Yes you can open Snapchat delete profile page. log into your account and delete your profile.

Q: Can you upload photos to Snapchat?

A: No uploading photos from gallery and other apps are supported.



How To Block Numbers In Viber.

Using Viber is quite amazing, you don’t have to use your Message package to keep updated with your friends while texting. Viber allows you to send and receive Messages like a normal app, but here you need Network connectivity to send and receive messages, it even allows you to call your friends over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity. There are millions of users of this app but no one knows how to block Number in Viber.This condition can arise due to any reason, either you don’t want to talk to someone or you just know that they will not behave proper with you once you receive their call.


Millions of users are demanding this feature but still there is no Response form the Developers. So, unfortunately there is no Official way that you can block someone number in Viber. The reason is simple,Since it imports contacts from the PhoneBook and all those who use Viber are automatically seen in the Viber contacts,so there is no way you can stop that number Just Like That. But recently Users have complained that they are receiving Calls from Unknown Numbers, well there is a way to stop that.

Since Viber Developers are not giving any Answers on how to block the number, we will tell you another way to block it. Blocking mode can help you, but it will block all the unknown numbers, sometimes your friends or important Relative tries your number form a new one, at that time you will regret it. So, how to block the Unknown Number then?

Here is another Solution, Open Contacts or Call Logs. Tap and Hold onto the Number, and then select Delete or block this Number. That is the only way you can Block someone form Contacting you. This Method will work on both Android and iOS.


How to bypass Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s regional lock: RegionLock Away app

We’ve been hearing about the now regional lock policy by Samsung which says that as long as you activate your Note 3 with a SIM card from the region your unit has been locked into, you’ll be all fine using international SIMs when roaming. Unfortunately, a significant number of people have found that this is not always the case. This policy currently applies to Note 3, but Samsung plans to take it down to its earlier devices as well, like S3 and Note 2. However, if you’re into a similar displeasure of regional lock, then this (short) guide on how to bypass the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s regional lock is meant for you.

NOTE:the app is currently tested only for the European SM-N9005 model. We’ll update this guide once this becomes available to a broader public.

Just go through these simple steps:

Step One:

There’s currently only one way (requires root access), and that’s XDA developer Chainfire’s RegionLock Away app. There are two ways you can get this app, buy it from the Play Store or download it for free here.

Please note that this app is currently only tested for the SM-N9005 model of the Note 3.


Note 2 Hidden Settings [App] Allows You to Access Secret Options On Your Rooted Note 2,Note 1, S4 & S3

Having a rooted phone adds charm to your phone specially when you can make changes to the OS’s settings which are apparently locked by the manufacturers. If you’re having a root Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 1, we have found an awesome app for you today named ”Note 2 Hidden Settings”. The app is available in the Play Store but works only on a rooted phone having a stock rom installed.

The app allows the users to make changes to the Hidden Settings on the phone i.e adding toggles for Camera Shutter Sound, Scheduled Messaging, Rotation Control in Gallery, allows you to enable infinite scrolling and much more.

Let’s have a look how it works on the Galaxy S4, should work on other devices in the same away, but following screenshots are specifically for Galaxy S4.

Following are the hidden settings that you can change in your rooted phone.



One of the awesome features i tried first of all is Enabling the Folder View option. Enable this option, as soon as you enable it and apply changes the app will require a reboot, after reboot open messaging, press the options key and you will find a ”Folder View” option in the options as shown. Tap the Folder View and you can find the Folders at the top.

capture16 capture17

Tap the Folder and you can select any folder as you wish like Sentbox, Outbox, Draftbox for your ease of access.


The app also allows you to make changes to the system sounds, these sounds cannot be turned off normally and you have to silent your phone completely in order to get rid of these, perhaps the app allows you to turn off those specific sounds without putting your phone on silent mode.




There are so many other options in the app as well, initially i tried only these few. Download the app and enjoy having extra access on your phone ???? and what’s more awesome when the app is completely free !

Grab it now, download here.